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The Magic of Accessories


We always wish the best for our beloved furry companions and we always want them to look their best. Nowadays you have the opportunity to make it happen without emptying your wallet. All you need is just a few high-quality clothes and a plenty of fashionable accessories for every day! With various accessories and jewelry you can easily complete your pet’s trendy look or try out something new, without wasting money on a new outfit! Today it is completely possible – a lot of famous brands constantly make new elegant, creative and cute jewelry for dogs and their happy owners. We have selected only the best accessories in our shop, to provide more opportunities for you and your pet! 


You can bring out your dog’s elegant side with exquisite necklace or accentuate its energetic and playful personality with a stylish and cool bandana, improve your pet’s winter wardrobe with a warm hand-knitted bonnet or highlight their adorableness with various cute bows: the choice is yours. Jewelry and accessories will help you out if you don’t always have time to design your dog’s full outfit. Just a couple of details can create an entirely new look! Our entire assortment comes from reliable brands and companies, so we are absolutely confident in each item’s quality. Every accessory has been designed with a dog’s comfort in mind.



Aside from aesthetic purpose, bows are very helpful to dogs with long fur, because they allow you to pull their long hair from their eyes. As a result, nothing is obscuring your dog’s view and it has new, cute hairstyle.  Our shop offers bejeweled and textile bows of different styles and colors and designs for all breeds and personalities.



A fine jewelry stopped being exclusive to humans only long ago. Nowadays dog owners are free to choose from a vast selection of dog necklaces and bracelets made of pearls and exquisite rhinestones. In our online shop you can easily find an elegant jewelry that fill suit your dog the best.


Caps & Knitted Items

If your dog is very sensitive to the cold and can’t take a step outside without getting frostbite, check out our knitted accessories. We have comfortable, hand-knitted hats and bonnets for dogs. Their Special design provides ear protection and prevents any inflammations or frostbites, while soft, natural material provides extra comfort. We also have special scarves, neckwarmers and gloves for extra warmth. They are designed offer your dog maximum freedom of movement, so it will be able to run around and stay warm at the same time.


Bandanas & Papillons 

If you don’t fancy jewelry or rhinestones and prefer something less flashy and official, then we are glad to offer you our bandana and papillons selection. These high quality textile accessories come in various colors and designs, allowing you to create the most interesting and original style that would fit your pet’s personality. Your dog will look charmingly playful in a stylishly-patterned bandana or ready for a sophisticated event in an appropriate papillon. This type of accessories provides you with the full freedom of choice! 

Make sure your pet always looks its best and enjoys the life to the fullest with our stylish and creative accessories! 

Teach & Entertain


What a great moment the toy give to your dog! Instead of spending time passively he or she can play with it all day running down the street or lounging on the lawn. In fact, the game is also a good way to bond with your dog. So in this department, you can find everything what you need for teaching and entertaining your dog.


Now you can always see favourite pet happy and active


Vast selection of the various toys gives you a perfect chance to choose something special for your dog and make your commonness more interesting and active. Different sizes and materialіs can satisfy any dog`s need. There are latex toys, plush and organic cotton baubles. Most of them are colorful, some have a fun rattle inside and some have sweet bells. Your pet will have so much fun with them because he or she absolutely can squish and chew any of these toys. Also you can teach your dog using small and bigger colorful balls that available in our catalog.


Time for fun never ends


Thanks to this our special department you can choose some toys for your small friend. We present to you the quality products that aren`t dangerous for the dog`s health. Be sure - all the materials meet every veterinary standard.


You can trust us because we:

  • Offer a good selection of the dog`s toys
  • Guarantee absolute quality
  • Make ordering and delivering process easy and fast


It will be a pleasant gift for both of you because the pet will be always busy with fun game and you, in your turn, will always see him or her very satisfied. 



While dog buggies may seem to be excessive to someone, they actually make sense when it comes to transporting your dog from the vet after a surgery or taking it to an outdoor event. Also, it is a good solution for older dogs that enjoy some fresh air, but are not as energetic and healthy as before. For these specific needs and reasons, most of the brands that work in the pet product industry have produced many types of dog strollers and buggies. You can find the best models on our website and see which of them meets all of your requirements. We offer only high quality, durable stroller models, suitable for any terrain and occasion.


Dog Buggies

If your dog can’t walk due to an old age or a health condition, it doesn’t mean you should lock it up in your house.  There is no reason to deny your friend a stroll in the park or an opportunity to socialize with other dog.  Just take a stroller and give your dog an opportunity to enjoy the breeze and familiar smells. It is the least you can do for the love and loyalty your dog gives to you every day of its life.


If you are recovering from an illness or a surgery yourself, but you want to spend time with your dog, taking a stroll to park is easier than carrying your dog in a special backpack or sling, for it doesn’t apply pressure to your back and at the same time provides you with some physical exercise. Also, the company and support of your little furry friend helps you heal faster.


If you have to get through the pack of unfriendly stray dogs before you reach the park and you don’t want to risk your buddy’s health, the dog stroller will help you out. There is no way aggressive dogs will be able to get to your little friend!


If you are in the mood for a bicycle ride and want to share the thrill with your companion, we have models that can be easily towed by the bicycle. You can hitch a dog carriage to your bike and embark on your trip with your buddy in tow. It will be happy to accompany you on your ride without getting exhausted by the fast cycling pace. Also, your cycling routine will become a lot more enjoyable.


Functionality and Practicality

All our strollers are very portable and can be easily folded up when they are not needed, solving the problem of finding a space to store them. You can conveniently keep your belongings in the stroller when walking with your dog. As you can see, a dog buggy is not an excessiveness  —  it’s a functional  asset for you and your dog!

Confectionery & Biscuits

Confectionery and biscuits for dogs provide a pleasant and delicious way to remove dental plaque, naturally clean and strengthen dog’s teeth and gums. The threats are also used as a reward for obeying commands during training as way to express your love to your dog. In our online-shop you are offered a wide range of delicious dog treats. Confectionery and biscuits, all sorts of delicacies for puppies and adult dogs of different breeds:  Poodle, Pug, Toy and Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu and many others.


Healthy Treats for Small Dogs

Aside from selling special biscuits for dogs and we offer incredible Birthday cakes, made of finest ingredients that certainly won’t hurt your dog’s stomach. All treats for dogs are made by special technology in order to protect the gums and teeth of your pet from possible injuries. This aspect  is particularly essential for toy breeds and their fragile jaws.


In our online shop you can buy the best natural organic biscuits, vegetable pops, cakes and pastry for dogs. These treats and desserts contain organic flavors, vegetables, fruits, meat pieces and other healthy ingredients  that  your four-legged friend will definitely enjoy!


If you want to treat your dog with something special or to properly celebrate its Birthday, you are completely free to choose from broad assortment of sugar and gluten free goodies for puppies, adult and old dogs of different breeds.

All these exquisite and well-made treats for dogs can be purchased on All Dog Clothes. Here you can buy different types of healthy and tasty goodies for tiny dogs:

  • Truffles
  • Maccarons
  • Cannoli
  • Bon Bons
  • Biscuits with different flavors

Our desserts, biscuits and treats are approved by professional vets and our buyers and our most important customers: the dogs of our clients. Believe us,  your dog will appreciate such love and care!

Fashion Outlet

You and your pet are the best friends, there is no doubt. When you wear something to go outside you make sure the clothes emphasize your personality, mood and appearance. And your dog has the same needs.


A perfect look for your best friend

Dog clothes are the best way to say “I love my pet” to everybody in the world. Our fashionable collection presents many interesting and stylish clothes for walking outside with your pet or for wearing at home. You can choose from a large variety of clothing styles and types:

  • Beautiful dresses with sequins and bows
  • Sport hoodies and sweatshirts
  • Sweaters and coats
  • Funny T-shirts with funny bright prints
  • Comfortable pajamas


For the safety of your favorite small friend’s health, all clothes are made of soft, organic materials. These clothes perfectly fit small doggies like Short legged terriers, Toy terriers, Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahua, Chinese crested dogs, Havanese, Poodles, Papillions and many other dogs. Many interesting and unique patterns, bright colors and quality materials will make your four-legged friend look really stylish. You can make your dog’s style even more remarkable by adding some extra accessories. You can buy many small-sized clothes for your pet in order to provide it with a perfect outfit and a great mood for every day. You can combine clothes and accessories to try out new styles and create a more interesting design.


Doggy wears for any weather

The outfit for your dog will make it look fantastic in the summer, keep its fur dry on a rainy day and keep your dog warm even in the coldest winter. By choosing quality clothes for your dog, you can’t forget about your worries – now your furry companion won’t get wet or catch a cold.


Dog clothes are the best way to cheer your pet up. Outwear keeps your favorite pet clean and won’t let annoying insects or parasites climb in the fur. Our assortment has many clothes for different weather, so you can find the best option for your pet. Our materials are hypoallergic and absolutely non-health hazard – you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Quite the opposite, with our high-quality clothes, your dog will feel comfortable anywhere at any time of the day.


Wearing well-made clothes will make your pet happier and much more active, because it won’t have to be afraid of the cold anymore! It can play anywhere and you can enjoy its new, trendy and stylish. Maybe, it is time for a selfie with your doggy to show the entire world you how much you love it?

Dog fashion clothes

Clothes for dogs have become very popular nowadays, but is it only a tribute to fashion? It is indeed beautiful and glamorous and it is indeed necessary. There are many people and a lot of different points of view, but at the same time there are vide variety of dog breeds and each of them has its own needs and recommendations. At any way, no argument works when it is rains, snows or when it is frosty, cool and chilly weather outside and your beloved pet is shaking and does not want to play. Such moments bring us clear understanding that buying a high quality warm clothes is not a caprice, but a must. The clothes must be designed in the way that it is comfortable and easy to put on and off.  It is also worth mentioning that the majority of pedigree pet need additional warming or vice versa, they are recommended to avoid staying under direct sunlight.  

In addition, there is of course, another more pleasant reason of  buying dog clothes, while with its help you can create an appropriate mood and trendy look for your four-legged friend. Every dog has its own personality and character, why not to emphasize its bright individuality and to pick something peculiar for it. Be sure you doggie behavior could not be spoiled with too much love and attention. Everything you do for and share with your dog will be returned to you thousand fold.


Fashion clothes for puppy is real now with All Dog Clothes

Well-chosen clothes is the key to success for humans in everyday life. It`s not just for attracting other people on the streets or at the work office. Maybe one of the most important roles of clothing is to make ourselves feel comfortable and confident during any usual activities. Good wardrobe can give you smile and lightness just because for no reason.


So don't you want something like that for your little friend? Of cause you do!

We all know that everyone who has a pet loves it as much as it`s possible. This is natural and sweet felling of the dog owners. Cute puppy become your own little baby who you want to feed with all the tenderness. So it`s also so absolutely natural when you decide to buy some special clothes for lovely pet. As our reliable companion, dog comes with us whatever we go. That`s why your pet always needs to look extraordinary. And the clothes from can help you with solution to this problem in every moment. Just see our catalog!

We offer for your tiny four-legged friend:

  • T-shirts & Vests
  • Dresses & Rompers
  • Jumpers & Fleeces

Your pet deserves the best!

Fashion Outwear for Small Dogs

Dog outwear creators strive different aims. The first and primary goal is to provide safety to our pet’s health. There are different weather conditions, it could be cold, rain, snow or the other extreme such as warm oversupply or strait sunlight.


Vide selection of jackets, coats, parkas, padded jackets are recommended during walks at frosty chilled weather. They are available in sporty, casual and classic styles, perfectly safe warm and provide very effective defense against cold, so that your doggie feels comfortable and safe, walks and plays willingly. 


Rompers, fleeces and jumpers could be very effective during fresh spring/summer mornings or breezy evenings and in some winter days. Be sure that your walks wouldn’t be short and your dog would not be staying at the porch with no desire to go out. 


No more rainy days

Each caring dog owner knows that an animal is not allowed to stay under the rain without protective clothes, especially at very low temperature, while it leads to serious consequences. A raincoat could prevent from these negative effects. At long rainy autumn days, your pet might need additional protection, for instance warm waterproof raincoat with a hood.


Cunning sun

T-shirt, vests and of course dresses can be used as outwear during cool summer evening or spring days , at the same time these wardrobe numbers are useful protection against scorching sun. 


A piece of fashion

We ought to admit that all the clothes mentioned above have another, but not less important purpose. It could create an immaculate look to your dog, while every single article of clothing is designed keeping in touch with all fashion trends. Remember that all good professionally made clothes are not only practical but also beautiful, bring happiness and create an appropriate mood. 

Underwear & Sleepwear

Every loving and caring dog owner has to adapt for different peculiarities of his or her dog, while each dog is unique and belongs to this or that breed. At of course the after dog care depends greatly on the gender of a dog. Indisputably, girls and boys have different habits, different instincts and different veterinarian recommendations, while there are different periods in any dog life. Nowadays one can not imagine an appropriate dog keeping without using special dog underwear. It is very a helpful article in any wardrobe for every self-respecting dog. It helps coping with different issues and keeps safe your home fitted carpet. Underwear is not a fantasy of a strange dog fancier, but a necessary hygienic mean.


For ladies

There are different underwear types and each type has its own purpose, it could be originally decorated and is made from different materials.  Dog panties are normally used by girls. They are aimed to serve as a diapers, when girls are in heat, when females have some inconsistence health problems, for puppies. With their help you can easily go for a walk or go out on a visit and be 100% sure that nothing would spoil your rest.


For boys

Underwear for boys is called belly bands. These bands go around the dogs belly and cover their boys’ parts. They can be used for dogs with inconsistency, to safe, your house from marking and also puppies might need them. Now you may not be afraid that your boy would make a mass of your house and that all your walls, furniture, corners and carpets would be marked and urinated because of his natural instinct.


Dogs’ underwear reduces your irritation when taking your pet to another people houses or to any other place. The majority of people want their dog to live with them inside the house. Dogs remain dogs even inside the most luxurious house, they do what their instincts require and what is naturally normal. In order to keep you house in order and to maintain your friendship with your four-legged friends, you ought to consider dogs’ underwear.



Have you ever thought that when we are carelessly sleeping and snoring under our blankets our dogs might be cold. Soft and warm pajamas might become the problem solution. It is so aptly designed that even pet’s night potty breaks are possible while pajamas for dogs have an open belly.  Be sure that your doggie sleeps well and carefree. 

Bowls & Ware

Every pet owner must provide their pet companion with their feeding corner. For every dog and cat it is very important to have its own bowl, a place, where it can eat without being disturbed. Cats are very territorial by their nature, so they always need a piece of their own territory to feel themselves comfortable and secure.

Teaching your dog to eat from its own bowl (and not from your dinner plate or in your bed) is an essential part of instilling discipline and bonding with your canine companion.


Choosing between style and quality

Nowadays the important and sometimes frustrating duty of providing your loyal companion with the necessary feeding ware has been made easier. Many brands offer large variety of bowls of various shapes, styles and colors, from regular bowls to automatic feeders.


It is very important to select the right bowl for your pet and not to put such secondary features as color and design before utility.  The perfect bowl must be made of non-hazard materials and allow your dog or cat to feed comfortably, without having to strain their neck or chase the slippery bowl through the entire kitchen.


In our online shop you will find the perfect combination of functionality and style! We offer only the top quality feeding ware that will help you provide your furry friends with the necessary nutrition and will be a perfect addition to your home décor!


We offer bowls of various sizes, colors and design, allowing you to choose the best option that will fit your dog’s personality and meet every veterinary standard at the same time. As we work only with trusted brands that don’t use any hazardous chemicals in their production, we guarantee that with our ware your dogs and cats will have a healthy and delicious meal!


Bowls and feeding ware for any occasion

Our online shop has the broadest pet bowl and feeding ware on the internet! Our selection offers you the following quality products:


  • Bowls

Cute, original and creative hand-made ceramic bowls, decorated with individual paintings, durable stainless steel dog bowls for easier cleaning, eco-friendly plastic bowls for longer use, elevated bowls to prevent neck strain and rubber-rimmed bowls that prevent slipping, and super creative cat trays. Every bowl can be easily washed in a dishwasher.


  • Containers

Special plastic, rubber, metal or containers made for storing veterinary medicine and keeping opened tins fresh and dry snacks crunchy. The original and distinctive pet-themed design will look perfect in any kitchen and prevent you or anyone else in your house from confusing your dog’s biscuits with a cookie jar or your cat’s pills with buttermints.


  • Placemats

Special thermoplastic colorful mats to put under your dog’s or cat’s bowl for extra cleanness. These easy-to-clean mats are made of quality materials, come in a great variety of designs and are a perfect solution for messy eaters.

With our high quality bowls and feeding ware, even an everyday snack will become a special delicacy!


Life is so wonderful with your little friend: together you spend tons of the great moments seven days per week! But, as you have to rest sometimes, your pet also needs to take a break from all the activities. And for that case our BEDDING department is created for! You can find in our catalog the most comfortable things for your dog`s or cat`s sweety naps!


Your pet deserves the best

No matter what do you usually do with your favourite dog or cat during the day, we can totally understand that both of you also love to do nothing lounging on the bed. We offer here to your attention the great selection of the various bedding. All of them are 100% quality and very useful. For every time of the year we have something special thanks for the different materials: like warm fake fur or cool cotton. Don`t be worried about the health of your pet! All the materials meet every veterinary standard.


There you can find such beggings as:

  • Comfortable pillows
  • Soft blankets
  • Cozy houses
  • Foodtaste beds
  • Design beds
  • Sleeping bags


Various beddings for every taste

So we have in this department cute and cozy houses where your pet can sit and sleep comfortably any time he or she wants. Various colors and creative design give you a chance to choose the best house that can absolutely satisfy any needs of your pet. We also have foodtaste beds for your small friend. Just imagine this cute situation when your lovely pet lies in the middle of the colorful donut. How fun and sweet it will be! Everything you must do for that - just order the bed in our online store.


As well we suggest you some useful sleeping bags for little babies and their first sweet pets naps. For all kinds of dogs and cats we have beautiful, comfortable soft blankets and pillows that they can use lying on one of the beds from our vast collection. All the beddings are washable and have great quality. You can simply care about them and embellish your home with them.

Check our catalog, make your сhoice and order whatever you want and your little friend needs. Because we make it with love for pet`s absolute comfort!

Grooming & Care 

When you decide to get a dog, you are becoming responsible for its well-being. Most men-created breeds rely on their owners to maintain their health and appearance. Although dogs require thorough and regular dental care, skin care and coat maintenance, you don’t need to employ the groomer’s services on the weekly basis. Having a quality grooming equipment will suffice. In our online shop you will be able to provide your dog with a competent care and keep it happy and healthy for many years.


Shampoos & Deodorants

Dog fur has little in common with human hair. It has a different structure and is very sensitive to artificial colors, synthetic detergents and perfumes contained in human cosmetics. Using your shampoo to bathe your dog may lead to fur loss, rashes and severe allergic reactions which are the complete opposite of a shiny, healthy, well-groomed coat.


Today you can find plenty of various dog-specific cosmetics in the pet shops or on the Internet. But only here, in our online shop you will find the most diverse selection of quality shampoos, deodorants and conditioners for dogs used by professional groomers and officially approved by vets.


We offer only the best 100% organic, non-scented shampoos, deodorizing sprays and non-toxic, natural perfumes that reduce shedding, remove filth and odor and leave your dog clean for many weeks. We also have special shampoos and deodorants for sensitive skin and puppy skin that will help to soothe any rashes or irritation and improve your best friend’s skin condition.


Dental Care & Nail Care

Taking care of your dog’s teeth and nails demands special equipment and we are ready to provide you with it, by offering you the following tools:

  • Dog toothbrushes
  •  Dog nail clippers
  •  Professional nail grinder kits
  • Dog brushes
  • Massaging brushes

Our wide assortment includes grooming tools for dogs of every breed and size.


Towels & Bathrobes

Every dog owner knows that dog coat demands special treatment.  The treatment involves not only professional grooming, but also even the smallest details:  like, for instance, the towels that you use after bathing your dog!  Some breeds are very vulnerable to low temperatures and can catch cold even from the lightest draft, so they need extra protection after each bath. Also, some dogs don’t really like bathing, so they prefer to find comfort in a soft, nice smelling towel or a bathrobe – considering this, you might want to get an individual towel for your four-legged friend to make their bathing experience less terrifying.  Our online shop offers large choice of:

  • Glove towels
  • Hooded towels
  • Pocket towels
  • Bathrobes
  • Hooded bathrobes

We sell only the best selection of towels and bathrobes for dogs of all breeds and sizes. All our luxurious towels and robes are and made from high quality organic toweling fabric that helps the dog to dry off in no time without resorting to the use of a dry-blower.  


Collars & Leads

There are plenty varieties of reasons to have a dog. The reasons people give might be: not to be along, to obtain a true friend, to have a creature to take care of, protection, to play with kinds, to bark at thieves and many others. It worth saying that dogs have become an essential part of our lives, the best part of it. One can hardly imagine the life without our unselfish, always helpful companions. Of course, keeping a dog is not an easy task, you ought to take to consideration the breed peculiarities and the characteristic features of your pooch personality. Despite all written above we still love them and enjoy good moment of our mutual communication, leaving bad moment on the slab-heap.


Means of control

One of the best and beloved ways of time spending is undoubtedly to spend time in the outdoor. To provide your walks, tramps, strolls and car trips with more pleasure and comfort you might need different outdoor accessories and facilities.


Consider first of all dog’ collars, leashes, harnesses and harness gilets. These are the most important  things that an owner can buy for a dog. Leashes and collars might come in different styles, of different colors and shades, could be made from different materials. But each leash should allow to keep control  over your dog, hold it and don’t let it to run away. As to collars they should be comfortable to wear and not to graze and strangle the neck.


If you do not like the tradition collar-leash ensemble or your doggie dislikes collars, a harness is all your problem solution! They have different designed, so that your pet can choose one it likes. 

Travelling with a Dog

Dogs absolutely love to accompany their owners everywhere. They can be reliable friends in every your travel. No matter where you`re going, little dog or cat wants to be with you and also to feel the joy of the journey. But many owners do not take the pets along for the ride because they fear for the safety of their own cars and the safety of the favourite animal.


The best products for your pet`s safety are here

Our online store offers you to buy a variety of goods to transport your cute pet in the car or on the bicycle. The great selection of really useful and functional things is there for your best travel with your small friend.


Here you can find:

  • Capacious bags for bicycle
  • Protective grates for business bags
  • Safety belts
  • Cooling mats
  • Safety lights


We make your life comfortable

Every owner who travels with his dog, is interested in how to make the journey as comfortable as possible for yourself and your pet. And most importantly - safe. Be one of the lucky owners who don`t need to worry about the pet in travel. Just order some items from our catalog and be happy with your dog anywhere on the globe!

Gift Card

Someone once said: “Money is the best present. It can’t buy you health and happiness, but it can buy things that make you healthy and happy.” And of course you can buy our All Dogs Pretty Clothes Gift Card and  give it to your friend as a birthday, Christmas, or St. Valentine’s Day present. And even if your friends still haven’t got a pet, buy our Gift Card just in case. Should some of them decide to have a dog you will already have a present for this occasion. You can express your attention without any word, by presenting them the All Dogs Clothes Gift Card.


We propose you the most useful product to walk with your doggy outside and to stay and play at home. Your pet and you will like it for unique and interesting design and for remarkable taste that perfectly fits for every small dog, who know what the fashion and style are. Bright colors will make doggy’s mood better even when it’s rainy and cold, what means you will smile too. And if you and your dog already know about our products tell to your friends or better buy our gift cards for them. Your friends’ pets will thank you for such a great idea.